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Committed to Fair, Honest Sourcing

Written by Sean Wainwright


Posted on November 08 2021

Not all Acai is created equal. Since we started selling acai bowls and smoothies in our stores in 2011, we’ve been committed to organic, sustainable, free-trade acai. 


It breaks our heart to read about child labor being used to harvest acai - Acai has been a source of nourishment and healthy energy for Amazonian peoples for thousands of years, and a much more recent part of what we do. We want to take this moment to reiterate our commitment to humane, sustainable, free-trade harvesting of this incredible fruit and we encourage everyone who buys or sells acai to do the same.


To learn more about our suppliers and their practices, click here. 


Together we can use our dollars and our voices to support businesses that take the time to do things the right way.



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